Welcome to Tecnocores!

Tecnocores S.r.l is an Italian engineering firm, started in 1994. We are continuing our growth by producing high quality magnetic cores in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9003.
Our structure is able to produce about 100 Tons of raw material into finished products, every month. Moreover, we realize customized products under our clients' directions and projects.
Our team is highly qualified and it has an extensive experience in the engineering field. We are available for any consultancy and we want to provide you the best support which is needed in the realization and planning of projects such as specfic magnetic cores. By consulting we are able to solve any problem linked to the correct use of full cores, cut cores, wound and not wound cores.
Because of our professionality and long term experience, we can offer customized solutions which are able to fulfill our clients' needs for the current market.